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Sino East Steel Enterprise Co., Ltd. as a leading China steel products manufacturer specialized in production of high quality steel series products and located in Tianjin. The area of Sino East Steel Group is about 60,000 square meters with annual steel production capacity reaching to 500,000 MT. Its products’ ranges include steel pipes, tubes, steel sheet and coil, structural steel like steel profile and so on.

Our steel products:Metal steelgalvanized steel pipegalvanized steel coilseamless steel pipesquare steel pipetinplatechicksquare steel tubingSinoeastNederlands Sinoeast한국어 Sinoeastрусский and so on.

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Organic coated steel (also referred to as 'color coated metal') is a product comprised of zinc coated metal - typically,

Typical products can embrace lighting poles, antenna poles, radio towers, street barriers, energy transmission lines

In 1895, the primary plant to supply seamless tubes was built. Seamless pipes are these which do not need a welded seam. Utility

The steel tube has robust stress bearing capacity and good plasticity, steel pipe manufacturers which facilitates welding and processing.

Spiral submerged arc welding pipe ( SSAW ) metal strip coil path when the forming Angle with the center line of the pipe forming

Delicate Steel is one of the mostly discovered types of Metal which has emerged as an indispensable material for many Industries.

In terms of the doors that provide the least safety the winners by far are glass doorways and wood doors that characteristic steel inserts.

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