What is Real Estate Investment? (V)

28 Dec

2) Financial analysis

Investors estimate future real estate gains through market analysis to estimate future cash flows. Therefore, the main purpose of financial analysis is to calculate the expected rate of return through the estimation of cash flow, and compare the results obtained with the required rate of return to determine whether the investment is feasible. In addition, the financial analysis and the risk of the investment are estimated to determine whether the risks and expected returns are within the range acceptable to the investor.seamless steel pipes 

3) Feasibility analysis

Feasibility analysis is a comprehensive step. In addition to using the results of the aforementioned market analysis and financial analysis to study and judge its feasibility, investors must conduct relevant research on regulatory restrictions on construction and land use to understand whether the investment plan is feasible in terms of regulatory restrictions.Click Here For More 

Therefore, only after the feasibility analysis in the planning phase is determined, the entire plan can be implemented, and the investment process of the next step can continue. Investors must understand that some modifications may be made in the course of the program evaluation process because of the restrictions they have imposed. Therefore, investors should not consider it as a process of accepting or vetoing the feasibility analysis step. It actually includes the ability to re-evaluate and correct. Generally, in some large projects, in order to ensure the success of investment decisions, the feasibility analysis should be studied repeatedly. Before the formal decision-making, feasibility studies can be conducted to ensure the accuracy of investment decisions.

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